Car Window Tinting : For the Ultimate Comfort and Protection

Car Window Tinting : For the Ultimate Comfort and Protection

car window tinting - blue Nissan Skyline

High performance film that has exceptional heat rejection for a cooler and more comfortable ride offering enhanced passenger comfort with the added bonus of dramatic glare reduction. Eco Tint is fade and scratch resistant, helps to strengthen the glass and offers an appreciable degree of privacy. Which all adds up to being a deterrent for smash and grab opportunists to help themselves to any valuables left in the car! You’ll also enjoy protection for you and the family with Eco Tint blocking out 99% of harmful UV rays plus the peace of mind of a lifetime warranty.

  • High performance film
  • Classic black tint , available in a range of shades
  • Maximum comfort from exceptional heat and glare reduction
  • Helps hold shattered glass together in the event of an accident
  • Reduces fading of vehicle’s interior
  • Improves personal safety by blocking 99% of UV rays
  • Offers high level of fade resistance to help keep your interior looking new for years to come
  • Lifetime warranty

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