Car Window Tinting Benefits

How does it work?
Car window tints are made from a type of polyester-based material. It is installed onto the inner window glass surface. Depending on the darkness percentage of your tint (light transmittance), it allows only certain levels of sun rays (luminous reflectance) through the windows and absorbing or reflecting the rest. Generally the front windshield requires a higher percentage of darkness.
Sunglasses? Not enough!
It is safer to have your car tinted as it does not hinder your vision in darker environments.

Know the benefits of having your car tinted:

  • UV Protection:
    New Zealand has one of the highest levels of UV radiation levels. It can cause health issues such as skin damage, cancer, aging, and sunburn. It is especially high from September to April, during warmer seasons. Therefore it is important to protect yourself from these UV rays wherever and whenever you are in direct contact with the sun. This includes exposure to sun in long extended traffic car rides.
    Besides, driving with the sun shining directly into your eyes is dangerous as it blinds your vision and it could also cause eye fatigue. By tinting your car windows, you can help reduce the risks of accidents occurring.
  • Cooling Interior:
    It can be quite uncomfortably hot with the sun beating down on you for long periods of time or having to enter into an oven-like environment from parking your car under the intense New Zealand sun. Fortunately with tinted windows, you can reduce the level of confined heat within your car. Besides having a cooler interior allows you to cut down on your fuel consumption as you use less air conditioning.
  • Lasting Quality:
    A car is like a house. It is a long term investment. Tinting can help prevent your interior upholstery, leather and vinyl material from fading or cracking overtime.
  • Safety First:
    Safety should be your priority. In the event of an accident, you wouldn’t want the glasses to break easily and penetrate you or ejecting you out of your car. Since un-tinted windows shatter easily, flying objects such as rocks may also break your windshield, which can be quite dangerous when you are driving.
    Therefore tinting will help reduce those chances as it acts as a laminated layer of protection that can hold the shattering pieces in place. Besides, it can save you cost on having to purchase a new window glass or windshield every time it breaks or cracks from the slightest impact. Furthermore, thieves are less likely to steal your car if the windows are hard to break.
  • Improve Privacy:
    Another advantage of having your car tinted is to increase your privacy. Tinted windows reflect light from entering the window therefore it reduces the chances of passers-by from prying into your parked car and viewing all your belongings.


Things to know
According to the law, you should keep in mind when going to a workshop that there is a legal minimum visibility light transmittance to comply with. Below is a model you can review to give you an idea of what the New Zealand requirements are to fit your needs, or you can study the Land Transport Rule: Glazing, Windscreen Wipe and Wash, and Mirrors Rule 1999 for guidance.


Car Window Tinting Simulator
Unsure about how different tinting levels would look on your car? Try visiting these sites to give you a visual estimation.


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