3M Thinsulate Climate Control Series Window Film

3m Thinsulate Window Insulation film
The 3M Window Insulation Film helps keeps you warm during the cold winter months. Being an all year solution it also provides comfort and energy savings in the summer months.
Most window films have only provided a summer solution –a solution for only part of the year. That includes current Low-E films from various film manufacturers. Today, energy efficiency is not a part-time proposition. Energy efficiency must now be 24/7 and every season of the year. A building or home can only be energy efficient to the extent that its windows are energy efficient.
Application of this film is much less expensive than replacing all the existing glass for a double glazing upgrade. The window insulation film enhances sustainability and comfort at a fraction of the cost.
In Summer, windows allow heat to enter causing cooling systems to work harder resulting in increased cooling costs. And in winter, windows allow too much heat to escape causing heating systems to work harder resulting in increased heating costs.
Energy usage affects facility management, budget planning, and capital improvements in profitability. This is the case for both commercial and residential requirements.
Windows account for 15 to 30% of the buildings total heating costs and often more than 30% of cooling costs.
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