Car Window Tinting

Introducing the world’s most advanced car tinting film. Car window tinting with amazing optical clarity is finally here in New Zealand. The results are crystal clear high definition driving – a quality never seen in car window tinting before.When you have window tinting installed on your car, you not only get the look you want but the privacy you seek from the outside world. Car window tinting will put you back in control for a cooler, more comfortable ride. 

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Eco Tint strives to remain with the world leaders in car tinting offering the latest window tinting technology. Incredibly, this new technology allows up to 61% of the visible light to penetrate the window and the results are crystal clear. The high definition ceramic window film offers outstanding resistance against heat, uv rays, infrared heat and glare. Eco Tint high definition ceramic films eliminates the need for compromise.


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  • How long does it take to tint a car ?

Car window tinting takes up to an hour and a half. Of course if there is old film that needs to be removed off the glass then it does take several hours longer.

  • What is the darkest legal limit for my car ?

On most cars or station wagons the darkest legal tint is 35% on the front and rear glass. Cars with factory privacy glass may have lower than 35%. These windows would have a marking as AS3 glass. Commercial cars like vans, utes & 4wd’s have the same restrictions on the front side glass, but can have any darkness of film applied to the rear, side rear and back glass windows.

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