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Window Tinting for Houses & Offices

We know how important window tinting for your house and office is to you. Let’s make it look the best it can for years to come. Eco Tint has been synonymous with quality, service and window tinting for over 25 years. Eco Tint is your mobile window tinting experts servicing North Shore, Auckland and Rodney Districts. We strive to remain with the world leaders in window film offering the latest window tinting technology. Eco Tint will enhance your property with professional window tinting and solar window film.

office window tinting
Office Window Tinting

Eco Tint offers  full line of commercial and office window tinting solar films, guaranteed to meet and exceed your business tinting expectations.

house window tinting
House Window Tinting

Eco Tint house window tinting reduces 98% of UV Rays with fade reduction which puts the sun in its place to give you back those rooms to enjoy.

Frosted office partitioning
Frosted Window Films

Our designers have carefully curated a selection of opaque glass patterns, textures, gradients and frosted window films sure to spark ideas.

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Ultra violet, visible light and heat make up approximately 90% of fabric fading. Window film with a visible light transmission of 15% stops almost 80% of fabric fading, while a window film with a visible light transmission of 60% stops approximately 60% of fabric fading by confining the amount ultra violet, visible light and heat entering through the window

The average installation costs less than most window treatments. Actually, your investment, in window film will return dividends in the form of reduced air conditioning and heating costs, and protection against costly fade.

Our window film will allow you to enjoy virtually clear, crisp, un-tinted and non-reflective glass with all the fading and heat protection offered by darker, reflective films. Our films will not change the look of your homes interior and will block much of the sun’s infrared heat and uv rays that cause fading.