House Window Tinting

Eco Tint home window tinting controls the sun to help you live in greater comfort. The sun can make certain rooms too hot or filled with glare and can ruin your expensive furniture and fade your hardwood floors. House window tinting in Auckland puts the sun in its place to give you back those rooms to enjoy when you want. Plus you’ll save on cooling costs and protect your family from harmful UV rays while adding lasting value and beauty to your home.

Eco-Tint takes extra special care of your home by utilizing our white glove treatment.  Our careful preparation and attention to detail ensure timely installations and special consideration to your home furnishings.  We carry only the highest grade Llumar films for your home! 

Reduce harmful ultraviolet rays and protect home furnishings from sun damage.

House Window Tinting


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Does window film lower energy costs ?

Yes window films reduce heat loss through windows by improving glass insulating performance.  In warmer climates, Eco window film reduces cooling costs by rejecting up to 82% of the sun’s heat.

Does window films block heat and glare ?

Yes window films help correct temperature imbalances in a building, improving comfort and deflecting harsh, uncomfortable glare.

Does window films reduce fading ?

Solar control window films filter out more than 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays that cause fading in fabrics, furnishings, and display merchandise.

Does window film enhance privacy ?

Reflective window films will let in light but provide privacy during daylight hours. Blackout (opaque) films are available.